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Free tax report for 2022 for a limited time, and all we ask in return is your feedback

Are you tired of manually calculating your taxes? Our tool can create a tax report for your eToro account in just a few minutes!  


Taxable income is calculated in accordance with the Austrian Income Tax Law (Einkommensteuergesetz) for shares, investment funds (reporting and non-reporting), bonds, derivatives, commodities, and interest from your cash deposit. 


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To use our tool, simply follow these 3 easy steps 

  • Step 1: Download your eToro historical Account Statements in excel (click here for instructions on how to do so)
  • Step 2: Upload the excel files to our tool
  • Step 3: Review the imported transactions on our user interface and print your report

Our tax report includes

  • the taxable amounts with corresponding codes for your tax declaration,  

  • detailed calculation of the taxable income for each asset. 

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Why choosing our solution? 

  • high quality: developed in cooperation with a certified Austrian tax adviser 
  • easy to use: simply upload your eToro Account Statements  
  • editing: allows for review and editing your transactions  in the user interface before printing  
  • tax optimization: print tax reports during the tax year for tax optimisation purposes 
  • free: for a limited time  
  • secure: no personal data will be used in the production of your report - we'll only use your transactions and the email address you provide to send you the report.  

Create your report now

Any further question? Please contact us!  

  • Do you have your account with another non-Austrian broker?
  • Would you like to have such tax reports also for this other broker?
  • Please tell us which broker you are interested in!  
  • Or anything else that you want to ask us.
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