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Modern solution for automatized and efficient
investment fund tax reporting in Austria.



IFTR combines innovative technology and long-standing tax expertise

For cost & time efficient and high-quality Investment Fund Tax Reporting in Austria.


Mandatory annual tax reporting is in general due within 7 months after the fiscal year-end of the fund.
Reporting of the taxable parts of distribution is due at least one trade day before
the pay date.
Calculation of tax figures for non-reporting funds to avoid lump-sum taxation (“Selbstnachweis”).

Why Fund Tax Reporting?

Austrian fund tax reporting regime requires investment funds to appoint an Austrian tax representative, who calculates and reports the tax-relevant data on a share-class basis to the Austrian Notification Office (“OeKB”). Otherwise their investors are subject to the highly disadvantageous lump-sum taxation in Austria.


Complying with the fund tax reporting regime is thus the key factor for successful fund distribution in Austria. In practice, however, the manual preparation of tax reports is highly time consuming, costly and error prone. But not with our IFTR solution!


IFTR solution automatically calculates and prepares all relevant tax figures and tax reports, so the tax representative can focus on quality supervision and verification of the OeKB reports. And the user dashboard enables fund administrators to keep track and overview of the tax reporting status in Austria at all times.



Time & costs savings


Automated data processing for fund reporting substantially saves time and costs. 



 Automation and data quality control procedures eliminate the human error rampant in manual data entry and processing.

User dashboard 


User Dashboard enables fund administrators to keep control over the reporting status of their funds in Austria, at any time.



Higly experienced tax experts concentraiting on supervision and control of the reporting process and not spending time on manual data processing.

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Drop us a line! We’ll be thrilled to provide you more information.

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